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Dogsledding Picture Gallery

Our picture gallery contains pictures from our dogsledding tours, holidays and expeditions.
Browse through the different galleries and get a glimpse of what the Silent Way is all about.

There are galleries specific for all of the dogsledding season's months: the cold and uniquely gorgeous start in December-January with stars and northern light; the awakening of the sun in February; the bright and peaceful March and the unforgetable spring time in April-May. There is also a gallery for the off season: Summer. This way you can overview the changes in weather and conditions in north Sweden, already at the website. Of course it is impossible to fully experience the Silent Way through pictures; it is something that simply has to be enjoyed live.

Nature is always offering it's diffent colours and shapes in ways that inspire and amaze, seeming peaceful and timeless yet wild and temporary at the same time, as when Storms sometime pass on by. There are galleries that shows the practical arrangements like awardwinning Meals, served on tour in the wilderness or in cosy Lodges that we pay a visit during the adventures. The Guides are always ready to serve and share experiences and stories while you have Fun with the sled. You can also Meet the dogs and their cute Puppies. There is a gallery with images of Guests and dogs together and we have had Professional photographers as guest as well so you can check out their pictures too. Some guests like to come back several times. And for experienced and interested guests we offer to take part in real long distance competitions.

As sort of a bonus you can watch Slideshows and Videos to enrich your understanding of the dogsledding adventures and further inspire you to come and visit us.

- Enjoy our dogsled gallery!